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Welcome to KVM College of Science and Technology

About Biotechnology

The fusion of technology with knowledge creates what the world once assumed as miracle and biotechnology can be considered as a perfect example where the knowledge of biology when blended with technology is making the world a better place by enhancing the quality of life and alleviating the human sufferings. Effusing life to life, through life, is what biotechnology is about .The idea of modifying product to suit specific applications and engineer them to make more viable, inspired man to reach the pinnacle where biotechnology stands today.

Biotechnology has touched almost every aspect of human life and has carved its niche too. The legacy of biotechnology breakthroughs capable of changing lives is continuing till date. Biotechnology has marked its presence in medical, industrial, environmental, agricultural, forensics and many more areas directly touching the lives of human beings and is making a significant difference too.

Biotechnology has the potential to change our world. Coming years may witness the whole new way of growing crops, dealing with deadly diseases and handling environmental problem. From our medicines to our food, biotechnology offers all new healthier ways to every aspect of life .Many techniques like cytogenetics, xenotransplantation, proteomics, DNA microarrays are ready to add new horizons to the advancement of biotechnology holds promises for improved quality of life, termination of hunger, alleviation of sufferings, disease expunged and many untold possibilities. The world of biotechnology is spinning faster and faster.

Course Highlights
  • The department focuses in research on modern biotechnology and interdisciplinary science for societal development.
  • The department has collaborations with other universities and research and development organizations for research.
  • The students are trained to create an interest in research activities by conducting Journal clubs and motivate them to participate in effective discussions and finding solutions to various biological problems.
  • The students are encouraged to do research work of their interest and publish the findings in reputed journals.
  • The students are encouraged to participate in International/ National seminars and training programs during their course of study.
  • Compulsory training in HACCP and Plant Tissue Culture in addition to regular curriculum.